30 May 2007

Geek Alert! My 2+ Days at ReaperCon

So May has been a busy month, with ReaperCon and the family vacation to Disney World on adjacent weekends. ReaperCon was an absolute blast. Went with my good buddy SpiderHam to two of the four day event.

Sadly, I have no pictures of my own, since my camera batteries were dead, and replacements weren't readily at hand. So, I stole some from SH...

Here I am painting. Note how SH cleverly hid my suckage behind the lamp.

SH and I at the Warlord Dungeon Crawl. It was a lot of fun getting to play with $1,000 worth of dungeon and accessories.

Definitely had a good time. I have a great wife, by the way. She gives me space to do my own thing, which, I think, is the only way I could do a marriage. I bought a bag full of bits, a couple t-shirts, four bottles of paint, and several chicken sandwiches from the on-site Sonic guy. In addition to painting and playing the dungeon crawl, we played a Warlord demo (I think SH is hooked and leaning toward's buying some Razig's Revenge - the undead pirate faction). I went to a couple painting classes with professional mini painters, and we both went to a "kit bashing" class where we built our own mini out of spare parts. We also did a speed painting competition, where we had 45 minutes to do a paint job on an out of production miniature (and I can see why it's no longer on the market - no offense to the sculptor). Oh, yeah, and we had to use a set of weird-ass colors they gave us.

The result of my speed painting efforts:

My self-built mini. It's not a terribly dignified pose, but he's very unbalanced...and also he falls backward.

All is well with the universe.

04 May 2007

The bleak 2008 Field

So the campaign is underway in earnest and it's time for me to start paying a bit more attention.

This test at SelecSmart.com gave me surprising results. I can't stand McCain, mainly because of the blatantly anti free speech Incumbent Protection Act. The only person I'm more disappointed with on that front is Bush, who disagreed, but didn't have the balls to veto, assuming instead that the Supreme Court would strike down the unconstitutional provision (it didn't).

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
2. John McCain (80%) Click here for info
3. Mitt Romney (77%) Click here for info
4. Chuck Hagel (75%) Click here for info
5. Tom Tancredo (74%) Click here for info
6. Kent McManigal (72%) Click here for info
7. Newt Gingrich (69%) Click here for info
8. Duncan Hunter (68%) Click here for info
9. Ron Paul (66%) Click here for info
10. Sam Brownback (66%) Click here for info
11. Fred Thompson (64%) Click here for info
12. Rudolph Giuliani (60%) Click here for info
13. Jim Gilmore (53%) Click here for info
14. Tommy Thompson (52%) Click here for info
15. Mike Huckabee (50%) Click here for info
16. Bill Richardson (36%) Click here for info
17. Hillary Clinton (32%) Click here for info
18. Joseph Biden (30%) Click here for info
19. Christopher Dodd (30%) Click here for info
20. Al Gore (28%) Click here for info
21. John Edwards (25%) Click here for info
22. Dennis Kucinich (22%) Click here for info
23. Wesley Clark (22%) Click here for info
24. Barack Obama (17%) Click here for info
25. Mike Gravel (16%) Click here for info
26. Elaine Brown (3%) Click here for info

This quiz, which may be a bit more accurate, puts Romney at only a 23% match. I was a bit surprised the libertarian Ron Paul only got 25%. It's telling that no one got over 50%, and I'm not surprised with the low agreement on social issues. Here are the top contenders.

Total 43%

Social 31%

Economic 50%
picture Sam Brownback
Republican Sr Senator (KS)
Biographical Profile
Sam Brownback's answers
Sam Brownback's stances

Total 40%

Social 31%

Economic 46%
picture John McCain
Republican Sr Senator (AZ); 2000 Primary Candidate for President
Biographical Profile
John McCain's answers
John McCain's stances

Total 38%

Social 19%

Economic 50%
picture Duncan Hunter
Republican Representative (CA-52)
Biographical Profile
Duncan Hunter's answers
Duncan Hunter's stances

Total 38%

Social 19%

Economic 50%
picture Tom Tancredo
Republican Representative (CO-6)
Biographical Profile
Tom Tancredo's answers
Tom Tancredo's stances

Total 35%

Social 50%

Economic 25%
picture Rudy Giuliani
Former Mayor of New York City; Republican Candidate for 2000 Senate (NY)
Biographical Profile
Rudy Giuliani's answers
Rudy Giuliani's stances

Total 35%

Social 44%

Economic 29%
picture Tommy Thompson
Former Secretary of H.H.S.; former Republican Governor (WI)
Biographical Profile
Tommy Thompson's answers
Tommy Thompson's stances