30 May 2007

Geek Alert! My 2+ Days at ReaperCon

So May has been a busy month, with ReaperCon and the family vacation to Disney World on adjacent weekends. ReaperCon was an absolute blast. Went with my good buddy SpiderHam to two of the four day event.

Sadly, I have no pictures of my own, since my camera batteries were dead, and replacements weren't readily at hand. So, I stole some from SH...

Here I am painting. Note how SH cleverly hid my suckage behind the lamp.

SH and I at the Warlord Dungeon Crawl. It was a lot of fun getting to play with $1,000 worth of dungeon and accessories.

Definitely had a good time. I have a great wife, by the way. She gives me space to do my own thing, which, I think, is the only way I could do a marriage. I bought a bag full of bits, a couple t-shirts, four bottles of paint, and several chicken sandwiches from the on-site Sonic guy. In addition to painting and playing the dungeon crawl, we played a Warlord demo (I think SH is hooked and leaning toward's buying some Razig's Revenge - the undead pirate faction). I went to a couple painting classes with professional mini painters, and we both went to a "kit bashing" class where we built our own mini out of spare parts. We also did a speed painting competition, where we had 45 minutes to do a paint job on an out of production miniature (and I can see why it's no longer on the market - no offense to the sculptor). Oh, yeah, and we had to use a set of weird-ass colors they gave us.

The result of my speed painting efforts:

My self-built mini. It's not a terribly dignified pose, but he's very unbalanced...and also he falls backward.

All is well with the universe.

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happygirl7798 said...

I'm glad you had fun at your geek fest. :)