28 March 2006

Oh Captain, my Captain

You scored as Capt. Mal Reynolds. The Captain. You are the captain of the ship, so the crew are your responsibility. You just want to do the job, get paid and keep flying. Why is that always so hard?

Capt. Mal Reynolds


Zoe Alleyne Washburne


The Operative


River Tam


Inara Serra


Jayne Cobb


Hoban 'Wash' Washburne


Simon Tam


Shepherd Derrial Book


Kaylee (Kaywinnet Lee) Frye


Which Serenity character are you?
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Anonymous said...

Love Serenity. I hope they make another movie.

And RYC on Xanga: Tuna sandwiches from anywhere other than home freak me out a little. Too much that can go wrong there (fish, mayo, eggs).

GaultJ said...

Indeed on both counts. Can't get enough Firefly and tuna outside the privacy of one's home is a gastro-intestinal molotov cocktail waiting for a spark.

Anonymous said...

You scored as Hoban 'Wash' Washburne. The Pilot. You are a leaf on the wind, see how you soar. You have a good job, and a stunning wife who loves you (and can kill people). Life is good, which is why you can't help smiling. Now if you can just get people to actually listen to your opinion things would be perfect.

i know nothing of serenity. guess i'm not as nerdy as you. heh heh heeeeh! 'i don't care i do what i want!'

happygirl7798 said...

You scored as Zoe Alleyne Washburne.

The Soldier. You are the second in command, and that is fine. You like a chain of command, but only when the one in charge has earnt your respect. Those who earn your love or loyalty will find no one better to guard their back.