23 April 2006

Workplace Fit

A Jedi friend of mine recommended Live Career, which has a free career personality test. A portion of my results are below. I was a bit surprised that I scored as high as I did on Attentive and Creative, and as low as I did on Conventional (though the last is, I'm sure, mainly self-delusion--I'd like to believe I'm more orderly and less easily bored than I am).
Realistic (Doers) -
Realistic types like physical activity, working with their hands, and are mechanically-inclined. They enjoy working outdoors and do not mind dealing with physical risks on the job.
Investigative (Thinkers) -
Investigative types enjoy the challenge of problem solving in mathematics, technology, and sciences, and the abstract and practical ideas related to these areas. Applied science, such as engineering, technology or computer science may also be of interest to them. They can be technically creative.
Artistic (Creators) -
Artistic types are often thought of as original and creative by others. Such people enjoy expressing themselves in artistic ways such as acting, dancing, creating music or visual art, or by expressing their ideas either through discussion or debate.
Social (Helpers) -
Social types are interested in helping to keep others emotionally or physically healthy, or in teaching others. They enjoy giving advice and working directly with people, either in groups or individually.
Enterprising (Persuaders) -
Enterprising types are people-oriented. They like to talk to, influence and persuade others. They are confident, adventurous, assertive and show leadership.
Conventional (Organisers) -
Conventional types enjoy supervising others in jobs where rules and tasks are well defined. They show careful attention to detail, are organized, follow instructions well and prefer jobs where their daily duties are regular and fixed.
Attentive (Servers) -
Attentive types enjoy helping others, serving others' personal needs and looking after the comfort and well-being of others. They are happy in jobs requiring sociability, politeness, patience and a happy disposition.


utlawgirl said...

RYC: Actually, now that you mention it, I quit reading the Amish Society book when it got to the part about their economy! I didn't even realize that until you said something. It was something about selling livestock and farming not being enough to sustain them...I don't really remember because my eyes glazed over.

GaultJ said...

I have heard that they've never been a self-sustaining closed economy. I'd bet thier chief revenue currently is "Amish Stuff" and tours for outsiders.

BTW, J needs to get with me about a having poker night. My brother is so busy lately it's unlikely we'll be able to involve him or use his place. Also, I'm always looking for people to shoot skeet with, if he's into that.

utlawgirl said...

Proud Person of Pallor -- made me almost snort tea out of my nose. It's tempting to use that as the name of my Xanga.

I just now read your comment about shooting skeet and having a poker night. I'll pass it along to Jonny. I don't know if he's ever shot skeet, but he likes anything involving shooting, so I imagine he'd at least give it a try.

Our mutual friend Jason is off work having back surgery. Everyone keeps saying, "He's so YOUNG to have back surgery!" I agree.

utlawgirl said...

Thank you for not leaving a derrogatory (sp?) comment about my references to praising God for Jonny's job situation. You really need to teach my sister's atheist boyfriend a few lessons on when to ignore things you don't agree with in order to be polite!