27 September 2006

Minis: In process and terrain

So I did the trees today. This is the grand sum of my terrain at present, save three more 2'x2' boards to make up the total 4'x4' playing area I'll use whenever I can beg, pay, sucker, or otherwise get someone to play with me. I'm also including a shot of minis in progress. I have a number in my office still in blister packs, and another $50 worth from eBay on the way (have I mentioned I love eBay?).


Anonymous said...

ahhhh it's the revenge of the ubernerds!!

ha ha 'hey guysch, you gotta scheck out my miniaturesch. there schweet' (you know cause nerds have braces and stuff)

GaultJ said...

You're just jealous of my mighty armies!